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St Saviour's

St German's

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St German's and Saviour's Church have served the communities of Adamsdown and Splott in Cardiff for over 125 years and we continue to be present in the midst of these ever changing and ever vibrant communities.  At the heart of our life is Prayer and Worship. Please do join us. You will receive a warm welcome!

Why not check out our most recent parish blog post, and browse the archives, as we reflect on our life together!

The Dead Bird Sings!

Liturgy and Music

If you want to find out about the life of our parish community, then you can gaze through the 'lens' of seven sacred spaces. In each space you'll be able to discover something about our life together and how we, as a church engage with the world around us.    Welcome in!

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Seven Sacred Spaces

Chapel Chapter Cloister Garden Library Publication1 Refectory

At the heart of our life together is a place to worship and pray together.  Come on in and find out what we do and why it's so important to us!

Finding a place or a space to be alone with God is sometimes tricky but very important!  Here you'll discover some insights to prayer and some resources to help you.

Far from being a place where people hide away, a 'cloister' is a meeting point, a place of encounter with one another, the community and the world of which we are a part!

Welcome to a sacred place of hospitality and eating together.   This is a precious space for both host and guest.  We meet and greet, we relax and are nourished!

'Pray and work' was a motto of St Benedict.  Whilst being 'still' is an important part of the Christian life, so is the need to work, seeking harmony with the world.

'Who makes the decisions around here?!'  Find out about how, why and when we make decisions, as we carry our faith with us in all aspects of life.

St Anselm said we have 'Faith seeking understanding'  and so a place of learning, where we can acess knowledge and share it with others, is important to us!

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